Can API Harm My Device,Or Is Any Of My Data Is Leaked On Sites?

What is API?

API is an application programming interface. Have you ever listenedto API? If no we are here to explain to you the meaning of API. API is generally software that allows the connection between 2 apps. So every time you use or log into the apps like Facebook, Instagram, and a message, check if you or on your phone or not.

Because of API integration, many Philippines saw growth in logistical capabilities.

How API works?

As whenever you open an application in your phone and the application connects to the internet and sends the data to the server and then the server make the change which is necessary like it interprets your data, retrieve it and then send it back to your phone and then again the application interprets the data and presents you the data that your want in a more readable way.

Imagine you are sitting at a cafe and assume the kitchen is the part of the system which will produce coffee/snacks for you. Still, the link between you and the system is missing, and then the waiter works as a link, so here waiter works as an API that connects you from one place to another.

Is API secure?

As your phone never has full exposure to any site and any site is never exposed to your phone, i.e. it is secure for your phone, and the site and your phone only share the desired data. So it never harms your security, or your data is never leaked to the site by API.

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